Satellite coverage - BT Sports

Satellite coverage - BT Sports

This page outlines the satellite footprint for BT Sports services.

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  • Astra 2E satellite coverage
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Astra 2E satellite coverage

The Astra 2E and beams is used for BT Sports offshore services.

Larger dish = better coverage

It may seem obvious, but if your vessel or platform has a larger dish, you'll be more likely to pick up a BT Sports signal.

Maximise signal quality

Maximise the signal quality by:

  • Ensuring your European LNB is aligned correctly
  • Using good quality coaxial cable from the antenna to the below deck equipment
  • Ensuring you have a good satellite distribution system


We've done our best to bring your correct coverage information however these footprints are subject to change at any time. This page should be used as an indication of coverage only.


Some websites may note other satellites that may be available for BT Sports, however during 2015 the footprints for Sky UK changed to two main footprints, and in turn changed the BT Sports satellite coverage.


You should ensure that you are within the satellite coverage area before deciding to purchase BT Sports from us. Please note that disclaimer that BT Sports distribution rights only allow their channel(s) to be sold and viewed inside UK waters and you are unlikely to receive a signal further afield. 

Unless otherwise stated, these terms are in addition to any other terms, conditions or contracts that Marine Satellite TV (Wave Connect LTD) provide you (the customer).

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